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Restoration and Repair
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Whimsey Cottage variation #1

Whimsey Cottage Variation #1

One of a kind

Whimsey is a great colored piece with yellow walls on the main section and turquoise on the small section. The window trim is a variation on my usual treatment. Purple windows, turquoise and white trim add to the whimsy. The design of the weathered boards radiates out from the center of each wall. I had a lot of fun building this one. Any variations of this cottage will be of different shape and will just have a lot of fun things going on. The tin roof on the main section contrasts with the screen and corrugated textures of the rusty silver roof of the lean-to section. Roof lifts away to accommodate a candle.

11 ¼” high, 10” wide, 7 ½” deep


(shipping extra - shipped from Florida)

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